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Chonburi Chonburi
 ..... doctorate. Chonburi candidates for recruitment and appointment to the Supervisory Board under the Office of the Basic Education Act of 2560. 
.... at the meeting room, 3rd floor, Building 1, Office of Chonburi Primary Education Area 1 (10 February 2018) at 07.30 hrs. Acting in Education Section 9 Vice President of Chonburi Provincial Education Commission (Chonburi) Chonburi Mr. Anucha Pongkasem Office of Chonburi and Chonburi delegation, together with Mr. Tue Fuller, Director of Chonburi và chọn người dùng để điền và lập. To be a supervisor. Under the Jurisdiction of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) in 2560 at Chonburi Field, Chonburi District 1, with Mr. Thanin Chonchit, Chonburi Provincial Education Commissioner. Secretary of the Chonburi Provincial Education Commission Mr. Supamit SirakandadakulChonburi Provincial Education Office and the government officials of Chonburi Provincial Education Office. Welcome and report information. The examination process is smooth, transparent and smooth. By this time, there were 15 applicants for the qualifying examination.
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